Waytrain Horizontal Band Saw UE-460DSAG

Waytrain Horizontal Band Saw UE-460DSAG

Stock Number:
Category: Saw
Make: Waytrain
Model: UE-460DSAG
Capacity: 18”
Condition: New



 Double miter cutting up to 60°

Blade tension Gauge

Ball bearing feed rollers

Control panel combined with electrical system and drop rate control device

Additional saw bow stroke adjusting to shorten cycle time

Variable speed control and speed indicator

Hydraulic vice

Rolls in front and in the rear

Warning lights for machine in error


Maximum cutting capacity :


Round                                                          18’’ (457mm)

Rectangular                                                   15’’ x 24’’ (381mmx 609.6mm)


Round                                                18’’(457mm)

Square                                                        18’’ (457mm)


Round                                                            11.5’’ (292.1mm)

Square                                                           11.5’’ (292.1mm)

Blade size                                                      210’’ X 1 5/8’’ X 0.5’’ (5334mm x 41.2×12.7mm)

Blade speeds                                                106-317fpm

Drive motor                                                    5H.P.

Coolant tank                                                 55 liters

Hydraulic tank                                              1.5 liters

Machine Weight                                         4035 lbs (1830.2 kgs)


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