Microcut Lathe LT65

Microcut Lathe LT65

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Category: Lathe
Make: Microcut
Model: LT65
Condition: New

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Lathe Cnc

Features: LT-65
Max. swing mm 500
Max. cutting diameter mm 210
Max. cutting length (with turret) mm 460
Slant bed degree degree 30
Z-axis travel mm 520
Z axis servo motor Nm 11 (Fanuc)

Z axis rapid feed M/min 30
X axis travel mm 215
X axis servo motor Nm 11 (Fanuc)

X axis rapid feed M/min 30
Through hole diameter mm 65
Spindle nose ASA A2-6
AC spindle motor (Fanuc) kw 11/15
Spindle speed rpm 4000
Hydraulic chuck size mm 215
Turret type Hydraulic, Vertical
Model LS-200
Tool no. 12
Boring bar dia. mm 32
Tailstock quill dia mm 65
Tailstock travel mm 370
Quill taper MT4
Quill travel mm 50

Ballscrew φ32 * P10*C5(Z-axis)
Ballscrew φ32 * P10*C3(X-axis)

Coolant pump motor w 530 (50Hz) / 750 (60HZ)
Hydraulic pump motor w 1500
Max. coolant pump pressure kg/cm2 10
Max. coolant pump capacity L/min 58 (50HZ) / 66 (60HZ)
Positioning mm 0.01/300
Repeatability mm ±0.01
Height from floor to spindle center mm 990
Dimension w/o chip conveyor mm 2530x1821x1930
Dimension w/chip conveyor mm 3330x1821x1930
Net weight kg 3000 / 3040 / 3070
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Standard accessories:

Fanuc 0iTF with 8.4″ LCD & Manual Guide 0i
* Hydraulic turret LS-200, 12 stations, regular type top plate
* High pressure cooling system
* Hydraulic 3-jaw chuck with hard jaw & soft jaw
* Auto lubrication system
* Work lamp
* M30 program stop light
* Hydraulic unit
* Fully enclosed splash guard with interlock safety device
* Control panel
* Tool set & box, level pads, operation manual & part list
* CE norms
* Toolholders – 4 sets of blocks for clamping O.D. tools
– 2 pcs of face cutting tool holders
– 1 pcs of boring bar holder + sleeve 20mm
* With Tailstock (with hydraulic quill)
* Heat Exchanger

Optional Accessories Included:
* Upgrade 10″ 3 Jaw with hard and soft jaws
* Extra Tool holder package for LS-200 /160 regular turret
Gib & Spacer x 4 sets
Facing toolholder x 1 pc
Boring bar holder x 2 pc
Boring bar holder with Coolant Through Toolholder x 1 pc
Sleeve 12mm, 16mm, 25mm each
Sleeve for coolant through toolholder 20mm
* Chip conveyor without chip bucket
* Chip bucket
* Coolant gun
* Auto parts catcher
* Bar feeder interface
* 3-Color lamp of cycle finish

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