Mako Drill UDM-50

Mako Drill UDM-50

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Category: Drill
Make: Mako
Model: UDM-50
Capacity: 2”
Condition: New

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Max. drilling capacity                                                                                   50mm

Max. feed resistance                                                                                   16000N

Max. permissible spindle torque                                                               350 N.m

Main motor                                                                                                    4KW

Throat distance                                                                                            335mm

Spindle taper                                                                                                MT5

Spindle travel                                                                                                250mm

Spindle box travel (manual)                                                                       200mm

Spindle speeds range (steps)                                                                    31.5-1400r/min (12)

Feed tates (steps)                                                                                        0.056-1.8mm/rev (9)

Max. travel of table                                                                                      300mm

Working surface of worktable                                                                    560*480mm

From spindle nose to table                                                                         750mm

Overall dimensions                                                                                     1090*905*2530mm

Net weights /gross weights(kg)                                                                 1250/1890kg


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