Steelmaster Hydraulic Shear HS4x2500

Steelmaster Hydraulic Shear HS4x2500

Stock Number:
Category: Shear
Make: Steelmaster
Model: HS4x2500
Capacity: 8′ X 1/8”
Condition: New



Max. Shearing thickness                                                                4 mm (1/8”)

Max. shearing  width                                                                      2500 mm (98”)

Strength if shearing plate                                                              450 N/mm²

Shearing angel                                                                              1.5°

Max. distance of backgauge                                                           550mm

Stroke number                                                                               22min-¹

Blade length                                                                                  2600 mm

Height of working table                                                                   800 mm

Main motor: Model                                                                         Y132S-4

Power                                                                        5.5 kw

Speed                                                                        1500 r/min

¸Motor for backgauge  Model                                                           Y802 -6

Power                                                           .55 kw

Speed                                                           910 r/min                                                                                                        Oil pump: Model                                                                                 PLV-14

Flow                                                                              14 ml/r

Pressure                                                                       21 MPa

Overall size: L                                                                              2100 mm

W                                                     2150mm

H                                                                               1435 mm

Weights                                                                                         2400kg

Contents of oil tank                                                                        90 L




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